1. Learn From Your environment.1.从你的周围环境自学Your competitors have done a lot of legwork for you. Use that to your advantage by searching the web and checking out their sites. Write down all of the amazing features you see so you can incorporate them into your own stunning site.你的竞争者早已为你做到了许多详尽调查。通过搜寻他们的网站,检索他们的网站信息,将这些资料应用于为自己的优势。

写你看见的所有令人惊叹的特色,然后将这些特色带入自己的精致网站里面。2. Create the Site2.制作网站Now it’s time for the fun to begin. While you can pay someone thousands of dollars to develop a website from scratch, that is unnecessary. Instead, utilize a free template to create your site yourself.现在就可以开始这一有意思的制作了。

尽管你可以支付某人几千美元来写出一个网站,但是这也并不是适当的。只不过,你可以用一个免费的模板来制作自己的网站。There are many DIY website building platforms out there and Wix is one of the most common and highly recommended. You can find a free template for anything you need. You might have an e-commerce site where visitors buy products, or you might have an information site full of articles. It doesn’t matter what kind of site you have-there is a template just waiting for you to use.有许多自己制作网站的模板素材,维克斯就是其中最广泛而且最尊崇的一个网站。


不论你必须什么类型的网站,都会有适合的模板可供你用于。3. Create Killer Content3.创作一些更有眼球的内容With the help of a template, you have now built a beautiful site. There is only one problem-it’s empty. So it’s time to populate it with some content that grabs your readers’ attention and doesn’t let go.在模板的协助之下,你现在早已制作了一个漂亮的网站。


Think about what you know, and turn it into content. First, make sure all of your content passes a test. Ask yourself:看看你告诉的东西,然后将这些切换为网站内容。首先,要保证你的所有内容都能通过一个测试。问自己:Is it edgy?很锐利吗?Is it engaging?动人吗?Does it enrich people’s lives?能非常丰富人们的生活吗?Does it answer your visitor’s questions?能问用户的问题吗?Is it interesting?有意思吗?If it passes the test, you are ready to populate your site with your content.如果通过了这一测试,你就可以将这些内容填满到你的网站里面了。




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